Hunt with Celtic Shots

Deer Stalking


Sika Deer

Sika Deer stalking in counties Tyrone, Fermanagh and Donegal. Stalking in a variety of habitat from conifers, mature broad leaf woodland and open moorland.

Red Deer

Red Deer stalking, over 20,000 acres of mixed terrain. From heather hills to broad leaf woods. 

Trophy heads also available in historic Woodland setting, contact for price & availability.



Stags - August - April

Hinds - November - February


Woodcock / Snipe

Woodcock and Snipe shooting over springers and pointers.

Mainly conifer forests and bogland, accompanied by experienced gillies and beaters.

Terrain to suit all abilities


Contact for prices



October - January



Pheasant Shooting

Friendly family run driven shoot on mature broadleaf woodland.

Historic setting in classical surroundings.

£35 per bird.

- Minimum bag - 100 birds
- Lunch included
- Easy access



October - January